All-on-4 Dental Implants Giving You Replacement Teeth In A Day

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After experiencing tooth loss or receiving a recommendation to extract all your teeth, you worry about the functionality of your mouth and your smile to wonder whether you must adhere to your dentist’s advice. You remain concerned about this problem until your dentist suggests you can have replacement teeth in one day to continue life as you did with your natural teeth.

Replacing missing or extracted teeth is no longer a challenge, with dentists currently available many solutions to satisfy your needs. For example, whether you want to replace a single tooth or an entire arch of teeth, the dentist recommends dental implants to replace the teeth you lost or had extracted. This dentist can even offer you artificial teeth in one day if you must have all your teeth removed.

Is it possible to have all extracted teeth replaced immediately after the tooth removal procedure? Dentistry advances currently make it possible for you to get replacements for an entire arch of teeth in one day, ensuring you never have to spend time hiding your smile or avoiding the foods you love. However, you must prepare yourself for the procedure before having all on 4 dental implants in one day with artificial teeth.

What Is the Preparatory Process for Getting Replacement Teeth in One-Day?

The all-on-four procedure requires you to undergo treatment for any dental infections affecting you or even have your remaining natural teeth extracted before you can have an entire arch of teeth replaced. If you have gum disease, the Rockville dentist first provides treatment for the condition to ensure the process is successful.

After preparing your mouth, the dentist places four dental implants in your jawbone. You may fear a dental procedure requiring surgery for implant placement. However, dentists understand your concerns and provide you anesthesia to ensure you have a comfortable experience. The anesthesia makes you feel tired and seeking but keeps you responsive to any queries by the dentist.

The all-on-four process requires the dentist to embed two dental implants in the front of your mouth and the other two at an angle in the posterior regions choosing an area where your jawbone is thick. After completing the implant placement, the Rockville dentist attaches temporary teeth to them.

The jawbone requires several months to heal around the implants in a process called osseointegration. However, as you have your temporary teeth over the implants in one day, you must revisit the dentist later to have a permanent set of durable teeth looking and feeling natural than your temporary teeth.

What Are the Advantages of All on 4 Dental Implants?

  • All on 4 dental implants offer significant benefits. They are:
  • You receive temporary teeth in your mouth the same day after having implants embedded in your jawbone.
  • The strategic placements of the implants make patients who have experienced bone resorption candidates for all on 4 dental implants.
  • If your jawbone is not sufficient, you don’t require bone grafts before undergoing the all-on-four procedure.
  • Unlike traditional dental implants requiring multiple surgeries, you can have artificial teeth in your mouth undergoing merely one surgery with the all-on-four method.
  • Best of all, the all-on-four technique is affordable than traditional implants.

What to Expect When Getting All on 4 Implants in One-Day?

The all on 4 implant procedure allows you to have new teeth in your mouth immediately after implant placement surgery. However, it would help if you waited for some time before you regained full dental functionality. Therefore, you must avoid crunchy and hard foods sticking to a soft diet until you receive your permanent teeth.

After recovering entirely from the surgery, you receive your permanent dental prosthetics enabling you to bite and chew as you did with your natural teeth. The permanent teeth appear and feel like you never lost or had teeth extracted, giving you a natural appearance and full mouth functionality.

All on four dental implants are not ideal for everyone. The Rockville MD dentist will discuss your goals when examining your mouth before recommending the best-suited treatment for your circumstances.

Caring for All on 4 Dental Implants

If you have all on 4 dental implants, you must incorporate an appropriate oral hygiene regimen, ensuring you brush your dental prosthetics diligently around the teeth and gum line. You can request the dentist for recommendations to help you clean your teeth correctly using unique dental instruments created for the purpose. Do not forget six-monthly dental visits for professional cleaning when the dentist removes your teeth from the implants, cleans your mouth, and re-attaches the teeth. The cleaning ensures you don’t have any plaque buildup around your artificial teeth or the implants to cause unwanted complications.