Can You Get a Snap-On Smile with Missing Teeth?

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If you are uncomfortable with your teeth for various reasons, dentists can help you with a snap-on smile. Whether you want to enhance your smile every day or improve its appearance for a special occasion, snap-on smiles are an optimal option that provides an easy avenue to an attractive smile and dental structure.

Snap-on smiles are effective even if you have missing teeth in your mouth. Instead of searching for expensive replacement solutions for the missing teeth, you can visit the dentist in Rockville, MD, to evaluate your teeth and get a snap-on smile with attractive dental substitutes.

Causes of Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is a common problem affecting many people in America. Tooth decay, periodontal disease, injuries, or impacts to the mouth can result in tooth loss, leaving people searching for replacement solutions to hide the gaps in their mouths. While replacements are not challenging to find, they are expensive and require multiple visits to dentists before you can have them as replacements.

In stark contrast, a snap-on smile is an attractive substitute for missing teeth that is available after an evaluation from the snap-on smile in Rockville, MD, before you can have the smile you desire in a couple of visits to the dental office.

How Is a Snap-On Smile Is Implemented on Missing Teeth?

Whether you have missing teeth with a single or multiple, the snap-on smile treatment is an ideal option to consider. The snap-on smile molds to your remaining teeth, providing you with an entire set of attractive dental substitutes. However, situations vary between patients, and the Rockville dentist will examine your dental structure thoroughly before proceeding with the process.

The treatment process for a snap-on smile is also comfortable and painless. The Rockville dentist creates a mold of your teeth without causing any discomfort or dental modifications. Your teeth remain undisturbed when preparing for the snap-on smile treatment process. If you have a couple of missing teeth and are reluctant to have partial dentures, you can use a snap-on smile as an alternative solution to replace your missing teeth. Snap-on smiles provide a realistic and natural-looking smile conveniently faster than dentures.

Will You Confront Challenges with a Snap-On Smile?

The only discomfort you might experience is a slight lisp when talking with the snap-on smile over your teeth. You might have to adjust to the lisp by following the dentist’s instructions and wearing the snap-on smile all day before getting into bed for a quicker transition. However, you can begin speaking without a lisp in a couple of weeks when you become comfortable with the appliance in your mouth.

How Expensive Is a Snap-On Smile?

When you have missing teeth, their replacements become a financial and physical concern. You must invest $ 3000 or more to get natural-looking dentures that won’t detract from your smile if you consider dentures.

On the other hand, if you choose dental bridges besides needing multiple appointments with your dentist and compromising the neighboring teeth, you must also invest in three or more dental crowns costing approximately $ 800 apiece before having them replace your natural teeth.

Finally, suppose you want a permanent solution. In that case, you can replace your natural teeth using dental implants requiring multiple surgeries and a healing time of six to eight months before having a dental crown placed over the dental implant. While dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, they require substantial investments without dental insurance providers’ support.

Alternatively, if you decide to have snap-on smiles to hide the missing tooth gaps, you find a treatment inexpensive compared to all the above. Therefore the cost of a snap-on smile is relatively affordable compared to dentures, bridges, and implants.

Can You Use Snap-On Smiles Permanently?

Snap-on smiles are beneficial for use as a temporary or permanent solution for unsightly teeth. You have an ideal solution available with snap-on smiles if you want an attractive smile affordably and conveniently. The procedure for getting them is straightforward. You merely provide an impression of your teeth to the Rockville dentist, choose the teeth shade and the snap-on smile you like the most and leave the dentist’s office until the manufacturers deliver your snap-on smile. You revisit the dentist for a fitting when your snap-on smile is available with them.

If you think the entire process is more straightforward than other dental procedures, please visit Montgomery Dental Associates & Implantology Center to get your snap-on smile and display a beautiful smile.